Making UX Work with Joe Natoli

Episode 15, Helen Arvanitopoulos: PREACH!!!

June 24, 2020 Season 2 Episode 15
Making UX Work with Joe Natoli
Episode 15, Helen Arvanitopoulos: PREACH!!!
Show Notes

Helen Arvanotopoulis describes herself as a Design Thinking Preacher, UX Evangelist and Service Design Advocate. She is currently Head of UX for the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Aegon NV, working across Europe, Asia and America helping businesses and teams build and grow their capabilities and transform their organisations.

Her passion and belief in collaboration and a multi-disciplinary approach comes through loud in clear in this conversation, and I have no doubt that the organizations and people she’s helped over the last 13+ years have benefitted greatly from that conviction. Helen is a born storyteller whose outgoing personality shines through at every turn.

In her own words:

"For design to really make an impact it must ultimately serve a purpose, it must also be well researched, ideated, concepted and delivered. This has been my design mantra since stepping into the UX field and one I still proudly resonate with today."

So today, my friends, you get TWO preachers for the price of one — enjoy!



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